Katsuyama Kenka Danjiri

Katsuyama, Maniwa city, Okayama


Katsuyama, Maniwa city, Okayama
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19th and 20th of October


Katsuyama Tourism Association

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Katsuyama Kenka Danjiri: DyDo DRINCO "Matsuri" of Japan


Katsuyama Kenka Danjiri is a powerful festival that Danjiri carts (large wooden carts in the shape of a shrine with elaborate carvings and lanterns), weigh over 2 tons, clash with each other.
It has started since Edo period, but it had not been fierce like the contemporary Kenka Danjiri until late Meiji era. The festival was handed down over 160 years as it changed its style gradually.

In the daytime, portable shrines followed by eleven Danjiris parade through the city. There is no clash at the time but the view that all portable shrines and Danjiris gathered together is truly magnificent.

In late afternoon "Kenka (fighting) Danjiri" starts, and nine Danjiiris clash at four rings. Each ring has 5 to 10 matches, and two Danjiris fiercely clash with each other again and again in a two minute match. There is no official victory or defeat, so participants judge the result by themselves.

Katsuyama town is usually calm, but during these festival days the whole town is filled with excitement, and the youth get extremely excited. You will get a thrill when you feel a rumbling of the ground by Danjiri clash.