Saijo Matsuri / Isono Jinja Reitaisai

Saijo City, Ehime


Isono Jinja, Saijo City, Ehime
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October 15th and 16th


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Isono Jinja Reitaisai (Isono Shrine Annual Festival) is one of the largest festivals in the Saijo Festival. More than 80 Danjiri (decorative festival floats) and Mikoshi (portable shrines) are dedicated to this luxurious and gorgeous festival. The most fantastic view is of each carriage, lit by more than 100 lanterns, parading past the street stalls from midnight until daybreak.

This two-day festival starts from “Miyadashi” on October 15th every year, and ends with “Miyairi” on the evening of the 16th. The “Miyadashi” comprise more than 80 carriages of Danjiri and Mikoshi gathered from the precincts and dedicated late at night. The “Mikoshi” for this festival is a drum carriage decorated with gold and silver embroidered cushions and is different from the Mikoshi that carries Shinto gods. The Mikoshi that carries Shinto god is called “Goshin-yo” for this Isono Shrine Festival. A Saijo Danjiri is large and has two or three storied platforms with railings, and stunning carvings. Weighing 1 ton, it is a fantastic site to see the Danjiri coming up the stone steps to join together at the shrine. When the sun rises, the splendid decorations on the Danjiri and Mikoshi are clearly visible. The highlight in the morning is at the site of the jinya (the regional government office) called Gotenmae. The line of the Danjiri reflected on the surface of the moat is overwhelming.

The Danjiri line moves to the Kamo River by the evening, a gathering that marks the finale. The Danjiri line along the bank of the river to see the Mikoshi crossing the river returning to Isono Shrine. The scene is quite distinct and spectacular. In the river, more than 10 Danjiri surround the Mikoshi returning to the shrine. They walk around the Mikoshi and splash water. This, the final performance, is the climax of the festival in the water town.

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