O・TA・I・KO Hibike

Echizen town, Fukui


Shimogawara, Echizen town, Nyu-gun, Fukui
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Third Saturday of August


Office of the executive committee of OTAIKO Hibike

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The executive committee of OTAIKO Hibike


It is a big festival of Japanese traditional drum which is held in Echizen town in Fukui prefecture.

The powerful performance of the biggest drum "Myojin", 1.5 m in diameter and weigh 1 ton, along with the other various drums makes audiences feel a vibration of drums throughout their body, and captures the hearts of them with its overwhelming presence.

Oda town, where the renowned warlord of the Sengoku period in the late 16th century "Oda Nobunaga" was born, is famous for "Taiko", a Japanese drum, and it became a part of Echizen town by a municipal merger plan. The festival itself is not very old, which started in 1989, but the "Myojin Bayashi" performed to dedicate to Tsurugi Jinja (shrine) has a history of 330 years. "Hayashi" or "Ohayashi" is a musical accompaniment played at a festival, and "Myojin Bayashi" is derived from the local Ohayashi which was made in early Edo period, one of the highlights of this festival. A rare technique of beating a drum like rubbing its surface by short drumsticks (12 to 13 cm in length, 6 to 7 cm in diameter) is the main characteristic of the "Myojin Bayashi", and it is designated as the Important Intangible Cultural Properties by Fukui prefecture. It is believed that "Myojin Bayashi" have a meaning of celebrating a good harvest and giving thanks to every workers.